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4 Seasons of BWCA Adventure

Early season paddling in the BWCA gives you long days, great fishing, no mosquitoes. Most lakes will be ice free by end of April. The Minnesota state fishing opener, second weekend in May brings the first "rush" of paddlers to the park.

Visiting the BWCA in the summer, paddlers get to enjoy the warn waters for swimming, the beautiful and clear lakes of the Northwards are very inviting after a warm day of paddling. The Boundary Water fishing is still very good.
Although this is the busy season for the park, paddlers can still easily get a wilderness experience. Many of the entry points are limited to one or 2 parties daily.

This is a magical time of the year in the BWCA, and many seasoned campers prefer the Autumn camping. Fall canoeists will notice quieter entry points, a big drop in the biting bugs, and more wildlife sightings.
The paddling season ends with the lakes freezing over, this happens in early to mid November.

Leave the canoe at home and pack up your Pulk for winter camping in the BWCA. Following the same routes of the canoeist, Boundary Waters winter campers cross lakes and search out the portage trails to the next body of water.
For winter camping in the BWCA leave your canoe at home at load up your sled, or more traditionally known as a "pulk."

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BWCA 4 Seasons of Adventure

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