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  • Canoe Camping Adventures Canoe Camping Adventures Travel in style - canoe camping offers luxery travel in wilderness areas.
  • Looking for some wilderness? Looking for some wilderness? check below for a list of the top 5 in the northern U.S.
  • Planning your first Boundary Waters Trip? Planning your first Boundary Waters Trip? your first trip or your 21`st trip to the BWCA Hard Water Sports can help with the logistics.

Wilderness Canoe Camping
5 Spectacular Northern U.S. Destinations.
(you should be paddling)

1.Isle Royal National Park
Access from Grand Portage, MN or Houghten, MI. Put your canoe on the ferry and visit this wilderness national park in style.
The main island is 40 miles long by 8 miles wide, surrounded by 450 smaller islands. There are over 145 miles of hiking trails to explore if you get tired of paddling.
Established as a national Park in 1940, the island is home to moose and grey wolves.

2. Vermilion River
Located in northern Minnesota, the river flows north 40 miles, from the source, Lake Vermilion to Crane Lake. The river varies from clam lake like paddling to whitewater rapids from class I to unrunnable. Named rapids include Table Rock Falls (III-IV) the Chute (III+) and the Gorge (III). Expect to see plenty of wildlife and large beds of wild rice on this rarley paddling waterway.canoe rental

3. Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness
With over 1,000 lakes in Minnesota's far north, a paddlers paridise. In 1926 the National Wilderness Preservation System designated the land as a park.

4. Namekagon River WI
A tributary of the St Croix River with mile after mile of gentley flowing river.
Check water levels before you start on the upper streches.

5.Flambeau River WI
An awesome northeren wisconsin River with a fine mix of flat and easy whitewater. Spend up to a week canoe camping along this awesome wilderness river.

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Canoe Camping and Wilderness Canoeing Adventures

where to paddle and what to bring on your next canoe camping adventure

Canoe Camping
Gear List


Personal gear

Sleep system
• ❑ sleeping bag
• ❑ mat
• ❑ pillow

• ❑ rain wear
• ❑ fleece jacket/down jacket
• ❑ camp shoes
• ❑ warm cloths
• ❑ swim suit
• ❑ camp shoes

• ❑ small flashlight / headlamp
• ❑ lighter / water proof matches
• ❑ camera
• ❑ camp chair

fishing equipment
• ❑ rod
• ❑ bait
• ❑ tackle box
• ❑ Minnesota fishing license

Group Gear

• ❑map
• ❑compass [important to stay found]

cooking gear
• ❑ stove- fuel
• ❑ pots and pans, utensils

• ❑ tent
• ❑ tarp
• ❑ 50 feet of cord
• ❑camp saw
• ❑first aid kit

the Boat
• ❑ paddles
• ❑ PFDs
• ❑ tie down line

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