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Minnesota Tourism Guide

The What and Where Guide to Minnesota Adventure

Minnesota has 7 distinct regions of tourism, pick the one that's best for you or visit them all. From Canada to Iowa, and Wisconsin to the Prairie States - Minnesota has big woods in the north and endless grasslands in the south, and the northern shore of lake Superior.



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Minnesota Whitewater Rafting

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North Shore

Lake Superiors North Shore is a magical place, with sea cliffs and deep coves and rugged coastal waters. Stretching from Duluth to the Canadian border this sliver of Minnesota contains 6 state parks and crosses over 20 rivers.
For access, you can drive the north shore via highway #61, you can backpack the Superior hiking Trail, or paddle the designated waterway. With mountains to climb, river to fish and shoreline to explore - you’ll never be short on adventure.
North Shore Tourism

North Woods

The land of Paul Bunyan, Voyagers and Beaver. Minnesota's North Woods contain many tourist treasures including the BWCA and Voyagers National Park.
The famous Lake Itasca, headwaters to the Mississippi River, and Minnesota’s most famous walleye lake, Milacs, are also found in the North Woods.
North West MN Tourism

North Pairie

From the Minnesota River valley to the Canadian boarder Minnesota's North Prairie has the big lakes. The word Minnesota means “Land of Sky Blue Water” and it’s where the NBA team “Lakers” got their name.

The Hip

The Minnesota Hip is where you'll find the action, starting in the North with Banning State Park and the wild Kettle River, to the St Croix and the River Town of Stilwater to the Bluffs af Redwing and Lake Pepin.
You can paddle, climb, hike and ski in this beatiful unique, and "hip" part of Minnesota.


South Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder county, and the land of the American Bison. Much of what used to be American’s grassland is now corn and bean farms. Northern European settlers changed the landscape and imported their traditions and lifestyles.


Hill Country

In the Hill Country of South East Minnesota quiet small towns are connected by scenic bike trails. Lanesboro, Minnesota and the surroundinbg communities attracts visitors looking for the quiet, small town life.
This little section of Minnesota was missed by the last glacial period giving it a much different topography than the rest of southern Minnesota.



Night clubs and art mueums, big airport,big malls, and big sports. In the Twin Cities metro you can find the State Capital and the State Fair.
Between all the big city attatractions the Minneapolis - St Paul Metro has some amazing access to parks, bike trail, and waterways.

Minneapolis Adventure for what to do in the Twin Cities.

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