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Minnesota Whitewater, The Kettle River

Banning State Park to Robinson Quarry

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Kettle River

Designated "Scenic and Wild" the river is a great resource for introducing paddlers to whitewater.
Flowing through Banning State Park, the Kettle becomes class II and III at low to medium levels, and gets dangerous at the higher levels.
The action starts fast on the Kettle, 100 yards below the put-it paddlers enter “Blueberry Slide” This class III/III+ rapids is best run river left, surf waves make excellent play. THe second half of the rapids contains a set of holes; teachers and teachers pet, both are nice for play.
The next rapid, Mother's Delight is a Class II+ best run down the middle.

Get ready for Dragon's Toot, Class III+/IV.

Little Banning Rapids, Class II straches for nearly half a mile. Enjoy some small surf waves and some very fun eddy-outs.

Hell's Gate, Class III



Minnesota Whitewater Rafting

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