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minnesota winter camping

Minnesota Winter Camping Survival Tips

Winter Camping in Minnesota - Making it Fun !

Minnesota Winter Camping
Survival Tips

Try Hot Tenting
Put a portable wood stove in a wall tent and your outlook on winter camping changes forever. With a hot tent you’ll have a warm place to change your socks, make dinner, and relax before bed time.
Several manufacturers make lightweight canvass tents with internal frames, complete with fireproof stove jacks. Add a lightweight wod stove and you're ready for some Minnesota winter camping in style. Rent a Hot Tent

Put it on a Pulk
Why carry a big load on your back when you can “Pulk it.” Put your gear on a sled, attach some rigid poles to a waist harness and you’re ready for an adventure. When winter camping in Minnesota you’re going to have plenty of gear and you’ll quickly learn the joy of getting the load off your back and onto a pulk.
Pulling one hundred pounds over a frozen lake is surprisingly easy, and if you're looking for a wilderness adventure the pulk is the way to travel.skipulk.com

March over December
For Minnesota winter camping adventures you'll notice a couple of big differences between the beginning of winter and the end of winter. There are 4 more hours of daylight in March than in December 8 hours and 45 minutes daylight up to 12 hours and 45 minutes. Average daily temps in Ely are up by twenty degrees from December, from 16 to 36.

Don’t forget your Thermos
Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids to keep your body’s circulation high. When winter camping in Minnesota or anywhere else, it’s nice to have a hot beverage at a trail break. A shot of tea, hot chocolate, or cider will tame the North Wind and recharge your adventure.

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