Yes, the 2021 Sandstone Ice Fetival has been canceled due to Covid- 19 restrictions.

Ice Climbing Classes available with local guide service Hard Water Sports

Several weeks ago festival organizers started moving forward with the planning of one of our favorite events – The Sandstone Ice Festival. We were aiming for a smaller version of the event, omitting any large indoor gatherings.Since this time we’ve had conversations among ourselves, with friends and community members, all as we watched the number of COVID-19 cases increase. From these talks and observations we’ve come to the disappointing conclusion that it would be irresponsible for organizers to hold the event. Could the event be conducted in a safe way? Maybe. But we cannot guarantee that. It would be misguided to promote a large gathering of people, and would contradict our mission of promoting safe climbing.We are saddened. Not only is this one of the funnest events of the year for us, it’s also one of our largest fundraisers that directly supports the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the Ice Park. The Sandstone Ice Park will continue to be an ice climbing destination this season. The Ice Farming Crew has been putting in the time and effort to make the ice happen. We hope that you can get out and enjoy it!Thank you for your understanding and support.