Supporting Sandstone’s Local Businesses

Please show your support of the Sandstone Ice Festival by supporting the local businesses in Sandstone MN. Looking for an adult beverage in Sandstone? SandRocks 421 Commercial Ave. N.Sandstone, MN, MN 55072 Rich’s Bar1038 MN-23, Sandstone, MN 55072 Looking something to eat ?? Amy’s Restaurant 420 Main St, Sandstone, MN 55072 Quarry Pizza410 Main St,

Where to Sleep During the Sandstone Ice Fest

CampingHotelAudubon Center Camping For those looking for the full ice fest experience you’re welcome to camp in Robinson Park. Hotels Try the 61 Motel in Sandstone to be close to the action Hinckley also offers hotels. Audubon Center Lodging is available at Audubon Center of the North Woods Friday and Saturday nights. Facilities are dorm style. There

Ice Fest #14

Sandstone Ice Festiva Wow !! it’s year 14 for the Sandstone Ice Festival.¬† We’ve come a long way since that first ice festival. The First Sandstone Ice Fest Way back 2004 the idea of the Sandstone Ice Festival was conceived.¬† A website was built, volunteers organized and a gas powered pump got rented. Festival founder,

ice climbing clinics

Ice Fest Climbing Clinics

2018 Climbing Clinics January 6, 7 at the Sandstone Ice Festival Ice Climbing clinics for the 2018 Sandstone Ice Festival are now open for registration. 2018 Sandstone Ice Festival Climbing Clinics All Ice Fest climbing clinics are organized by the Minnesota Climbers Association (MCA) Climbing Clinic Fees All proceeds from the fees charged for the climbing