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Ice Climbing - Gear-UP for an Ice Climbing Adventure

Axes - Crampons - Screws


Gear-UP for Ice Climbing

ice tools, special design for steep ice,
crampons, attach to boots, front points for kicking into ice and bottom points for stepping on ice ledges.
helmet, protect your melon
harness, climbing harness that fits over snow pants
boots, stiff soles to hold the crampons
belay/rappel device -
rope, designed for climbing with a dry coating

water resistant shell jacket - plenty of opportunities to get wet ice climbing
waterproof pants -
wool base layer - or synthetic, just not cotton
belay parka - fluffy down coats are awesome
gloves and mittens - several pairs, they get wet and it's good to have a back up
hat - one that fits inside a helmet

ice screws -for setting anchors or leading
thermos - nice to have a warm drink when ice climbing
snacks - important to keep the calories coming in


minneapolis ice climbing


Essential Ice Climbing Gear

Check out the list below for the gear you need for your next ice climbing adventure.

ice climbing gear

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Kick off the Ice Climbing Season with the
Sandstone Ice Fest

ice fest

Ice Climbing Gear Rental

Ice Climbing Instruction - contact Hard Water Sports

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