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Are you Geared UP for your next adventure??
Is it time to UP-grade some gear?

Essential Gear- What's In Your Toolbox?

Gearing-Up Adventure Athletes With the Best Equipment

Winter Camping

Get the gear to make it Fun

to Survive
Winter Camping

1. Down Booties

2. Wool Long Underwear

3. A Very Good Sleeping Bag

4. Ski Pulk

5. Chocolate, lots and lots of Chocolate

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Lightweight Backpacking
the latest and lightest gear available

BWCA gear packing list

BWCA Gear Packing List
are you ready?

Essential Gear for
WW Canoeing

To paddle whitewater rivers in an open canoe you need 5 pieces of equipment.
1. Canoe
2. Paddle
3. PFD (personal flotation device)
4. Helmet
5. Float Bags
That’s it. Once you have acquired these 5 essential pieces of equipment you’re ready to get on the river.

whitewater paddling gear

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mn whitewater

7 Minnesota Whitewater Rivers
You Should Be Canoeing

Sport Climbing Basics

The list of the essential gear you'll need to get out sport climbing.

sport climbing



ice climbing gear

Essential Gear for Ice Climbing
what you need for your next climbing adventure

BWCA Trip Planner - Organize Your Next Canoe Camping Adventure

BWCA Meal Ideas for Your Next BWCA Trip

Picking a BWCA entry point- What You NEED to Know

Happy Campers- 5 Secrets to a Happy Campsite.

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