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Adventure Travel Across the World
What's Your Next Adventure ?

S.C.U.B.A. Diving - Dive shops across the world you can get access to diving equipment, get yourself a PADI Certification and you’re set for adventure. The creation of marine reserves such as Ras Muhammad in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt have protected fragile coral reefs and have created local employment in the adventure travel industry.

Mountaineering - Do it on your own or with a guide. Anywhere you find mountains you will find adventure, whether it’s a Himalayan trek or taking on a Colorado 14’er. Hard Water Sports can hook you up with rock climbing instruction, we teach intro classes all summer and ice climbing in the winter months. We can help you with a mountaineering course, Kaf Adventures teaches Alpine Mountaineering courses in the Pacific Northwest.

Wilderness Canoeing - A combination of paddling and camping skills are needed to make this adventure a success. The wilderness areas differ from the Florida Everglades to Minnesota’s BWCA, or if you want to up the adventure - try one of the Canadian Rivers. More canoe camping info.

Sea Kayaking - Coastal sea kayaking can take adventure seekers to some of the worlds most amazing places in the world. Access to quality kayaks can be found at many of the most popular paddler destinations. Rent a sea kayak in Alaska and paddle the coastal waters with sea otters and puffins then do it again next year in Fuji padding in the tropics.

Mountain Biking - It has become easy to breakdown your bicycle, load it on a plane and travel to exotic locations. Many of the established destinations have bike rentals and tours.

Eco Travel - Combining travel with environmental education has become a popular form of adventure travel. From turtling in the Galapagos to Bali butterfly parks, African Safaris, and Colombian eco trekking though the Sierra Nevada Mountains.