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Happy Camping

5 Tips to Keep Your Campsite Happy

Follow the tips below to help keep your campsite a happy one.


5 Tips to Keep Your Campsite Happy

1. Keep it Clean - First rule of camping, a clean site is a happy site. First thing I’ll do when entering a campsite is to clean all the tiny, shiny plastic wrappers off the ground. A cigaret but on the trail or an orange peel in the fire pit, bag it up and start with a clean slate. And always leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.


2. Eat Good - Don’t skimp on the camping food, splurge on a fancy cheese, pick up some dried fruits, get the best coffee available and don’t forget the gourmet chocolate. Pack some apples and brie, be good to your body.


3. Stay Organized - Get organized before you go, organize gear into categories of;
sleep system(tent, pad, bag)
cooking gear, food
personal gear(cloths, toilet kit, headlamp)

4. Hidden Treats - Surprise your fellow camper with marsh mellows at the campfire or dried mangos at the trail break. There are plenty of hiding places for in backpack to smuggle a treat or two into the wilderness. It could be some awesome chocolate, a spicy paperback, or a silver pendant special to the moment. The right surprise can turn an average adventure into a truly great one.


5. Be Happy - Yes, enjoy yourself. Always take the time to enjoy where you are, smell the coffee, dip your toes in the water, enjoy.
It's good for everyone to have a little alone time, a few moments to reflect on nature. Camping trips can easily be overwhelming, a sensary overload and it is important for little kids and big kids to be reminded to enjoy a little quiet time in nature.
This is very hard for some people, but it’s the most important tip I can give you on being a happy camper.

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