Ice Fest #14

Sandstone Ice FestivaSandstone Ice Festival

Wow !! it’s year 14 for the Sandstone Ice Festival.  We’ve come a long way since that first ice festival.

The First Sandstone Ice Fest

Way back 2004 the idea of the Sandstone Ice Festival was conceived.  A website was built, volunteers organized and a gas powered pump got rented.
Festival founder, Tony Vavricka, teamed up with the city of Sandstone to make ice climbing accessible to any willing adventure athlete.   Ice climbing classes and demo gear was available to climbers the tradition started.


Sandstone Ice Park

The Robinson Quarry Ice Park in Sandstone, Minnesota has grown to become one of the premier ice parks in the United States.  Thanks to the hard work of volunteer climbers the organization skill on the Minnesota Climbers Association and the good will of the City of Sandstone MN the ice park has evolved into a destination for ice climbers across the USA.