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Canoeing Instruction for Flat and Funwater

Open Canoe River Instuction and Canoe Tripping Classes

Looking a little training to get you started paddling whitewater river?

One or two classes is all it takes for most athletes to get started river paddling.

Whitewater Canoe and Kayak instruction available at Hard Water Sports

Classes start on flat water learning strokes and braces.

Moving water classes, learn how to catch eddies, how to eddy out, river ferrying, and basic river reading skills.




swift water rescue

Hard Water Sports has Swift Water Training Classes


whitewater instruction



Mountaineering course

Kaf Adventures
Intro to Mountaineering

BWCA Trip Planner -Stay Organized for Your Next Canoe Camping Adventure

Meal Planning for Your Next BWCA Trip

Picking an Entry Point - What You NEED to Know

Happy Campers- 5 secrets to a Happy Campsite.

hard water


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