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Whitewater Paddling Equipment

The Gear You Need for Whitewater Paddling

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Get the Right Gear for a Safe and Happy Adventure

Essential Whitewater Gear (what you need)

Paddle - this is your best friend on the river, your paddle should be dependable and fun to hang out with.

Life-Jacket - a good fit with plenty of freedom of movement.

Helmet - Designed for whitewater paddling, your bike helmet is not going to cut it.

Float Bags - to keep your boat from filling up with water. Having flotation in your boat will reduce the chance of getting it wrapped around a rock and make it easier to recover.

Paddling Cloths - what happens when you get wet? is the fun over or is it just starting. You'll need a dry suit for early and late season paddling. A splash top works well on the cool summer days.

Footwear - to protect the feet during portages and river scouting. Water shoes or closed toe sandels work, even old nylon running shoes are better then the flip-flops.

Throw Rope - comes in handy for getting your friends out of trouble. Everyone should be carrying one, someone's life is depending on it.

River Knife - In case you need to cut the rope you just threw. The fancy river knives double as a bottle opener.


you're going to need a boat of some sorts,

whitewater paddling gear

river knife

Whitewater Instruction Time to get the Skills to Get You on the Surf.

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